Thursday night at Alum Night, NLAAA alumnae will get a chance to visit with the Beta Beta New Member class of Beta Epsilon chapter and share with them their experiences and memories of being a Theta Phi Alpha.  How long has it been since you have connected with your Theta Phi sisters?  Attended a sorority event?  Rededicated your vows at initiation?  When the world gets hectic, and deadlines come too fast, and you need a place to be 'you' again, Theta Phi Alpha is here.  When life is amazing, and you just got promoted a work, and you have found your one true love and want to share the news with women who truly get you, Theta Phi Alpha is here.  

Remember what it felt like to be a collegian?  Your world was colored in silver, gold, and blue; you had too many stuffed penguins to count (and you had names for all of them); and you didn't know what to do during summer break when you weren't at a business meeting on Tuesday nights.  You had too much fun crafting presents B.P (before Pinterest) for your little sister, you got so excited when your recruitment 'crush' ran home on Bid Day and you made her your little, you asked your Delt crush to formal and felt honored when he was crowned beau.  More importantly, you made friendships that lasted a lifetime, you connected with women you called your sisters on a level that was truly 'unexplained'.

The joy of sorority life does not end on graduation day.  These memories don't have to be locked away in a scrapbook, they can be relived every day.  You are a Theta Phi Alpha for life, and this ever loyal, ever lasting sisterhood will always welcome you with open arms.  Through my first year as chapter advisor for Beta Epsilon, I have had to make changes in my life.  I have had to get back into the 'college' way of life by prioritizing and planning better to help support the beautiful ladies of BE.  The things they accomplish amaze me every day, and I am so thankful to get the opportunity to work with them and my fellow advisors.  Theta Phi Alpha pushes me to be a better individual, a better partner, and a better friend.

I hope to see you at Alum Night or Initiation in the near future.  Come reconnect with your sisters.  Remember the vows you made to Theta Phi Alpha, and cherish them.  LWIMCWIM.

Kandace Formaggio
Beta Epsilon, Initiated April 2004

    Kandace Formaggio

    Theta Phi Alpha is our past, our present, and our future.  These blog posts, written by the webmaster and commented on by sisters, are a way to discuss what it means to be a Theta Phi.  I will use personal experiences and excepts from the Theta Phi Alpha History book to add insight on the all important question, "What would Amelia do?"

    Disclaimer:  This blog is not affiliated directly with the NLAAA, but will be used to reflect on sorority life.


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